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I was referred to Matt through a friend who could not stop talking about how much better his back was feeling. I sit at a desk for work and do crossfit 5x/week. My back was getting worse and worse until I finally listened to my friend and called Matt. I saw him for 6 treatment sessions and cannot thank him enough. Not only am I painfree but I am also able to manage my pain on my own and without Advil everyday. Amazing guy who does amazing work! Thank you.

Brandon W.

Charlotte, NC

Matt goes above and beyond to help his patients. Unlike other physical therapy experiences, I felt like he was able to personalize my treatment sessions keeping my goals in mind. I was always involved in treatment sessions and he makes self care so easy! I would highly recommend him to anyone with any kind of injury or limitation that does not allow them to stay active!

John S.

Charlotte, NC

I had been dealing with a "toothache" pain in knee for about 2 years now and had seen multiple specialists in the Charlotte Area. After an unsuccessful meniscus repair surgery I found Matt and have never been happier. Not only has my knee felt better than ever, I have returned to hiking, crossfit and running without ANY pain at all for the first time in 2 years. I would recommend anyone with any physical limitation to visit Matt one time and I guarantee you will be hooked! 

Jamie L.

Charlotte, NC

I was a collegiate athlete and have been competitive my entire life. I recently transitioned to competing in CrossFit and injured my shoulder during a workout. After some time off and multiple doctor visits I was ready to accept the fact that my body just wasn't fit for CrossFit- until I met Matt. I did a discovery session with Matt and learned more about my body in that session than I had my entire life. We worked for a few weeks on my entire upper body, eliminated my shoulder pain and I was doing overhead pressing easier than ever! He truly understands how to body works, his treatment sessions are invaluable, I have a personalized mobility program for life!

Kathleen W.

Charlotte, NC

So personal and caring, was available whenever I needed him. Extremely convenient and flexible with sessions. You can tell that he sincerely cares about his patients, great at explaining things so that I was able to understand my problem and how we needed to fix it. I have recommended him to multiple training partners who all feel the same way!!

Amanda B.

Charlotte, NC

After 2 years of dealing with what I was told was "carpal tunnel syndrome" I couldn't have been more thankful meet Matt! Not only was he able to get rid of my pain but I was also able to return to CrossFit without any issues. I was ready to listen to everyone else before him and give up on competing, he truly changed my life!

Anna C.

Charlotte, NC

I had been dealing with pain in my hip for over a year before I met Matt. I had tried everything including multiple doctors and specialists, received MRI's, injections and medication without any relief. I am an avid runner and was told that I could no longer run. Matt got be back to running and I cant remember feeling as good as I do now. Not only am I back to running but I just set a new personal best time training for my half marathon. Thank you Matt!

Josh K

Charlotte, NC

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